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Healing Piercings

Will A Nipple Piercing Close Overnight?

The probability of a nipple piercing closing overnight is affected by many factors including how old the piercing is, what jewelry you typically wear in your piercing, and genetics. Generally, the older the nipple piercing, the longer it can stay open without anything in it. However, you should take into consideration that nipple piercings are generally fast closers. This is because they have a lot… Read More »Will A Nipple Piercing Close Overnight?

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How Long Should You Wait Between Piercings

Body piercing has been a popular form of self-expression for centuries. From earlobe piercings to genital piercings, there are many different types of body piercings that can be done on various parts of the body. However, it is important to be aware of the healing time and potential risks associated with body piercings, and to consider the appropriate interval between getting multiple piercings. The most… Read More »How Long Should You Wait Between Piercings

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Nipple Piercing Crust: How Much is Normal?

Nipple piercings are one of the more obnoxious piercing types that feel like they crust forever! Nipple piercings crust for a long time. With most piercings, the crusties generally stop when the piercing is healed. Nipple piercings however, may never stop crusting. Once your nipple piercings are fully healed (generally around a year old), the amount of crust that develops will reduce, but it may… Read More »Nipple Piercing Crust: How Much is Normal?

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Can You Use Bactine Spray on Piercings?

Bactine spray should never be used on piercings – especially healing piercings. It contains harsh chemicals that delay the healing process. Remember that your piercing was done in a sterile environment so there’s no need to clean it. It will heal fine on its own. Bactine will dry out your piercings, which could give you irritation bumps and cause your healing process to take even… Read More »Can You Use Bactine Spray on Piercings?

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What Happens If You Use Table Salt On a Piercing?

If you need to make your own sea salt solution, most table salt is perfectly safe. However, it is always recommended to purchase premade wound wash. At any step in mixing your own solution, you may use ingredients that aren’t sterile. Since you’re attempting to heal an open would – you should use the cleanest solution available, which is premade sterile wound wash. However, if… Read More »What Happens If You Use Table Salt On a Piercing?