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How Many Piercings Can You Get At Once?

how many piercings can I get at once

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If you have big plans for what your ear will look like, you’re likely planning several piercings. So how many piercings can you get at once? Well you might be surprised to find that most piercers will not give you a certain amount of piercings at a time and they may even ask you how many piercings you have currently healing before they will give you any piercings at all.

How Many Piercings Can You Have Healing at Once?

The general consensus among piercers seems to be 4. While this can be disappointing news if you are trying to reach your “dream ear” as fast as possible, rest assured that they make this decision for your own safety. If you find a piercer who is willing to pierce more than four new piercings in a session, we strongly recommend seeking out other piercers. Any piercer who will accept more money over protecting your health is not someone you should be trusting to stab you.

You should also note that some piercings are actually two piercings. For example, an industrial pierces your ear in two different places, so it will count as 2.

Can You Get Another Piercing While One Is Still Healing?

Whether or not you can get another piercing while you have healing piercings is purely dependent on how many healing piercings you currently have. The four rule does not only apply to piercings at once – it applies to all healing piercings. If you are currently healing more than four piercings, you should not get another one. Unless your piercer happens to notice multiple healing piercings before they go to pierce you, they may not ask you how many healing piercings you currently have, so it’s up to you to keep track and protect yourself.

Why Will My Piercer Not Let Me Get More Than Four Piercings?

There are a number of reasons why your piercer may not let you have more than four healing piercings at once. The main reason is because, with every healing piercing, it greatly increases the healing period. While the average cartilage piercing takes 6-12 months to fully heal, if you have 4 of them at once, they will take over 24 months to fully heal. That’s a long time of daily rinsings, wearing your hair up, and sleeping on a certain side!

Not only does it increase the healing time, but it can also cause more complications during the healing process. The more injuries your body is actively healing and protecting from infection, the more it has to “spread out” and can potentially not protect as much as it needs to.

How Many Piercings Can I Get Total?

There is no limit to how many piercings you can get (aside from how many you can literally fit in your body). Once a piercing is fully healed, it poses no threat to other piercings and you will be able to collect as many as you want!


You should only ever have as much as four healing piercings at a given time. Any more than four piercings will greatly increase your healing times and could cause issues with the healing process. Any trustworthy piercer will refuse to give you more than four piercings at a time.