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Nipple Piercing Crust: How Much is Normal?

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Nipple piercings are one of the more obnoxious piercing types that feel like they crust forever! Nipple piercings crust for a long time. With most piercings, the crusties generally stop when the piercing is healed. Nipple piercings however, may never stop crusting. Once your nipple piercings are fully healed (generally around a year old), the amount of crust that develops will reduce, but it may continue producing a small amount of crust forever.

How Do You Stop Your Nipple Piercing From Crusting?

Only attempt to stop your nipple piercings from crusting if your piercings are already fully healed. Healing nipple piercings should produce a healthy amount of crust and any attempts to stop the crusting are dangerous for a healing piercing.

After fully healed, nipple piercings may continue to crust up because they are dry. It’s safe to rub some organic oil such as coconut or jojoba oil on your healed nipples. This will rejuvenate your skin and greatly reduce a lot of the crust being produced as well as any irritation.

Should You Pick the Crust Off Your Nipple Piercing?

Never “pick” a crustie off a piercing. We like to compare crusties to scabs, because they’re very similar. The crust is actually protecting your body and your piercing – if you pick it off not only will it cause some tearing and healing issues, it will also be quickly replaced by another crustie. The safest way to remove unwanted crust is to simply run your piercing under water (in the shower is great and convenient!). Any crust that comes off from running water was ready to come off and crust that stays is not ready yet – try again tomorrow.

Is it Normal For Your Nipple Crust to Be Bloody?

After you get your nipples pierced, its completely normal for them to bleed off and on. This may mix with your crust and form what looks like bloody crust. After a few weeks your nipples should stop bleeding randomly, but they may bleed when bumped for a couple months. If your nipples continue to bleed long after getting pierced, visit your piercer to make sure they are healing fine.

Is It Normal For Your Nipple Piercing To Be Crusty and Itchy

With crust comes itchiness. Generally, piercings are itchy because they are healing. However, just like your nipples may continue to crust forever, they also might be slightly itchy forever. Once they are healed, pierced nipples can continue to itch because they are dry. Luckily you fix that the same way you can fix the crusting – moisturizing. Pierced nipples become dry very easily, so you may want to make it a habit to rub some coconut oil on them after you get out of the shower.


It’s perfectly normal for your nipple piercings to continue to be crusty for a long time. If your nipples are fully healed, you can rub some coconut oil on them to reduce the amount of crust produced. Moisturizing your nipple piercings will also reduce their itchiness. If your nipples continue to bleed several months after getting them pierced, it’s time to check in with your piercer to make sure your piercings are healing safely.