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The Problem with Externally Threaded Jewelry

dangers of externally threaded jewelry

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The Problem with Externally Threaded Jewelry

Hopefully you’ve read some of our other posts (rants) about how all your jewelry should be made from implant grade titanium. Now it’s time for another post about how all your jewelry should be either internally threaded or threadless. Externally threaded jewelry causes cuts and unnecessary tugging on the pierced hole which is very damaging for any piercing, even if fully healed.

Why Externally Threaded Jewelry is Bad

For those not in the know, externally threaded jewelry is jewelry where the threading is on the post instead of the end. It is made in such a way that the threading has to be pushed through your piercing.

Even fully healed this can still cause damage to the body because the jewelry is basically ripping through your piercing. Furthermore, the threads can get dirt and sweat stuck in them, which is unable to be cleaned. And the threading wears away over time, which can cause your jewelry to fall out and you could completely lose your piercing if you don’t notice and get new jewelry in within a few hours. They are not designed for safe maintenance of a piercing. External threads have no place in piercing holes. Externally threaded jewelry needs to be gone.

Why Internal Threading is Better

Because of the way internally threaded jewelry is designed (with the threading on the ends instead of the post), your piercing does not have to have any threading push and rip its way through your piercing. Internal threading is also more durable. External threading can wear out after about a year, making it time to replace it. On the other hand, internally threaded jewelry is likely to outlast many jewelry pieces.

Why Threadless Inserts are Better

Threadless jewelry is great for piercings that are in awkward positions that can be hard to fit both hands around and twist new jewelry in. Another bonus for threadless jewelry is that it tends to be much cheaper than threaded jewelry, so if you fancy 14K gold, threadless jewelry may be the way to go.

Some people worry that threadless jewelry is too loose and could fall out with a slight tug. Because of the way threadless jewelry is designed, it is actually very stable and very infrequently falls out (about the same rate as internally threaded jewelry). So if you are considering using threadless jewelry, have no fears.


There are so many reasons why you should think about having your piercing done internally threaded instead of externally threaded. So if you want to have your piercing stay as healthy as possible, internally threaded or threadless jewelry is the way to go. It may seem insignificant, but even small details are important when it comes to jewelry.