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Wound Wash For Piercings: Which are Safe?

wound wash for piercings

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So your piercer told you to rinse your piercing with wound wash daily. But there are too many! Which wound washes are safe for piercings? Luckily piercing safe wound washes are sold at every pharmacy and you don’t have to use the one specifically recommended by your piercer. However, there are many unsafe wound washes for piercings, so how can you tell which is which?

What Kind of Wound Wash Can You Use For Piercings?

Wound wash that is safe for piercings is very simple. It will be marketed simply as “wound wash”, “saline spray”, “first aid rinse” or something similar. Examples of unsafe wound wash would be “antibacterial wound wash”, “zinc wound wash”, or “antiseptic wound wash”. These names suggest there are additional ingredients in the wound wash, which is harmful for your piercing.

What Ingredients Should Be In Wound Wash For Piercings?

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying wound wash is that it should only be made of two ingredients: deionized water and sodium chloride. On the label, it might simply say “water” or “H20”, which is fine, but it should always say exactly “sodium chloride”. This is because there are many different types of salt and this is the only kind that is safe for your healing piercing. If there are any additional ingredients in your wound wash, that is unsafe and you should look for another product.

How To Use Saline Wound Wash For Piercings

There are two main ways you can use wound wash: soaking and spraying. You can spray the bottle directly on your piercing up to twice a day. The bottle will dive instructions on how to use it. Typically you hold the bottle about 12 inches from the piercing and spray it for around 5 seconds. You can also use wound wash for sea salt soaks by spraying your wound wash into a clean bowl and soaking your piercing in the solution. You should only soak at a max of 15 minutes once a day.

Wound Wash: Mist VS Stream

Wound wash is available in two different forms: mist and stream. The method doesn’t matter and is a pure personal choice. Keep in mind that the stream comes out similar to a faucet and if you are using it to spray directly on your ear, you will be soaked very quickly. Most people prefer the mist for spraying directly onto piercings and the stream if they are going to use it for soaking, because it fills the bowl faster.

Where Can You Get Wound Wash For Piercings?

You can buy sea salt solution from your nearby pharmacy. They are frequently sold in the first aid sections. It may have different labels, so just keep an eye out for a bottle in the first aid department. You can also typically buy wound wash directly from your piercer or from any online pharmacy. We recommend Neilmed’s Wound Wash, which can be purchased on Amazon here.


If you plan on using wound wash, it is important to buy a kind that is safe for healing piercings. Be sure to check the ingredient list before you buy to ensure it only has two ingredients: water and sodium chloride. You can spray your piercings safely up to twice a day or soak them for up to once per day.