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Are Magnetic Septum Rings Safe?

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Unfortunately, magnetic septum rings aren’t as safe as they appear. If the magnet is too weak, you could inhale part of it. If the magnet is too strong, it will damage the tissue between the magnets. Magnetic septum rings are fine for a few minutes to tell if you want to get a real septum piercing, but if you’re considering something for long term wear, there are better alternatives for a fake septum piercing.

How Long Can You Wear a Magnetic Septum Ring?

Prolonged wear of a magnetic septum ring could damage your septum tissue and definitely lead to some pain. Also, the longer to wear a magnetic septum ring, the more likely you are to accidentally inhale a piece of the magnet. In general, you don’t want magnets to be inside your body. Magnetic septum rings should be worn just long enough to see what they look like and snap some pics. Above all, remember to never go to sleep with a magnetic septum ring in.

Do Magnetic Septum Piercings Hurt?

Over a long time, magnetic septum piercings will hurt your septum by squeezing on it too tightly. Magnetic fake piercings are often more painful than other fake piercing types. This is because other fake piercings only need to squeeze hard enough to stay lightly attached, but magnets need to be strong enough that they can’t come un-lodged and be inhaled.

How Do Magnetic Septum Piercings Work?

Magnetic septum piercings are simple enough – they are two halves of what appears to be a circular barbell. On the inside of each half is a strong magnet. The magnet is so strong that it still works through your septum tissue, keeping each side from falling out. The problem is, the magnet needs to be strong, which will damage your septum tissue over time. It’s also generally not a good idea to place anything small inside your nose. If one of the magnets gets knocked off, you could inhale it which is very dangerous.

Alternatives to Magnetic Septum Piercings

Luckily, there are plenty of safer and more comfortable alternatives to a fake septum piercing. A captive bead ring that you would put in an actual septum piercing can actually be worn in a non-pierced septum. Simply remove the ball and squeeze the two ends of the ring into your septum. There are also other types of fake septum rings that work simply be squeezing the ends into your septum. Both of these types of fake jewelry are much safer and more comfortable than a magnetic septum piercing.

However, if you’re considering wearing a fake septum ring for a long time, you may want to consider getting an actual septum piercing. They are actually less painful than wearing a fake piercing, they can be easily hidden, and if you decide you no longer want it, it will close up and the scar won’t even be visible.


Magnetic septum piercings shouldn’t really be worn for more than five minutes at a time. Over time, they will damage your septum tissue and cause pain. There is also always the chance that you could inhale a magnet, which is very dangerous and may require surgery to remove. If you want a better fake septum piercing, consider a type that squeezes instead of uses magnets. They hurt less and there is a much smaller chance of inhaling a part.