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Best Gift Ideas (That Aren’t Jewelry!) For Someone With Piercings

gift ideas for someone with piercings

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Shopping for someone who loves piercings can be tricky. In order to buy them jewelry, you’ll need to know at a minimum, the length and gauge of the piercing you want to buy them jewelry for. In a more ideal world, you would know which threading they prefer as well as the material (although you could always go with the safe options – internally threaded or threadless made from implant grade titanium). Lucky for you, there are plenty of other piercing related gifts that don’t require you having any insider knowledge. These gift ideas are great because several of them are luxury items that people who have piercings don’t often buy themselves because we are constantly spending our money on new piercings and jewelry!

1. Luxury Piercing Aftercare

While your loved one likely already has piercing aftercare in the form of wound wash, a piercing pillow is a complete game changer for anyone with a healing piercing on their ear. If you’re not familiar with piercings, it may come as a surprise for you to learn how much it hurts to accidentally sleep on your piercing. People who roll around a lot in their sleep won’t wake up when they roll on top of it, but the entire next day their ear will be a throbbing mess. A piercing pillow has a hole in the middle for your ear, so they will be able to sleep soundly all night long without any pain the next day.

2. Body Jewelry Box

Similar to a regular jewelry box, a body jewelry box is another complete life changer for people with a lot of body jewelry. If they have many different piercings, they will need a way to sort out their jewelry by gauge and length. Without a specific body jewelry box, they probably have all of their jewelry mixed together and have to sort through it every time they change their jewelry. Either that or they have some kind of system with little baggies separating out the sizes. A body jewelry box makes you feel more organized and it makes your jewelry feel more high end.

3. New Threadless Ends

If you really want to buy new jewelry for your loved one, you may be in luck if you know they wear threadless jewelry. Unlike threaded jewelry, threadless ends don’t need to be a specific gauge, so you don’t need to worry about getting the wrong size. Please note that this only works if they already have a threadless post, so you will need to casually ask what threading they use. But threadless ends can’t possibly be the wrong size – any sizing you see on a threadless end is referring to the size of the end itself and is purely a design choice. Shop for threadless ends at

4. Body Piercing T-Shirts

How many times have you been out with your pierced friend and someone mentioned something to them about their piercings? Comments such as “Did that hurt?”, “You look like an ox” (to someone with a septum piercing), and “I would never do that” are all too common for those of us with piercings. Funny t-shirts answering these all too common comments will let people know you’ve heard it and they aren’t original.

5. Gift Cards

Rather than risk buying a piece of jewelry that doesn’t fit, gift cards are a much safer option. You should know that most piercing shops don’t allow returns due to health concerns, so you shouldn’t make your best guess or that money will be lost. If you want gift ideas for someone with piercings that is more closely related to jewelry, a gift card is a fantastic option., one of our most recommended shops, offers gift cards that range from $5 to $100.

6. Faux Jewelry

Faux jewelry might sound like a weird suggestion at first. However, people with piercings are constantly looking for the next piercing they might want. We’ll stare in the mirror, trying to imagine what we would look like with jewelry. A faux piercing will be able to let them envision themselves with multiple types of piercings and they can even use it to select the perfect location for their piercing before they go under the needle.


Many people who love piercings go without any gifts because it is so confusing to buy jewelry, especially if you’re trying to keep it a surprise. But there are plenty of non-jewelry gifts that people with body piercings still love! These gift ideas for someone with piercings are bound to make any piercing lover smile!