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Bridge Piercings and Glasses: Everything You Need to Know

bridge piercing glasses

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Bridge piercings are a striking piercing, but people with glasses generally have concerns of how the piercing will affect them. Luckily, most people have no issues with a bridge piercing while wearing glasses and if you do, you can always swap your jewelry and frames until they no longer come into contact with one another. You may have considered the “magnetic frameless bridge piercing glasses”, but unfortunately only one pair of these glasses have ever existed. If you’re interested in them you’ll have to make your own!

Magnetic Bridge Piercing Glasses

We’ve all seen the pictures going around of people using bridge piercings to hold up frameless lenses. It would be pretty convenient if you’re a regular glasses wearer. You wouldn’t have to deal with frames blocking parts of your vision or soreness on your ears or nose. Unfortunately, actually getting these lenses would be incredibly difficult.

The person in the picture we generally see actually created both the ends and the lenses himself. He got a regular bridge piercing, then cut and fit the l-shaped ends, and popped the lenses out of his frame and attached strong magnets to them so they will attach to the ends. As far as we’re aware, there’s no where you can buy either the special ends or lenses with magnets in them. So as it stands now, no the magnetic frameless bridge piercing glasses likely aren’t a great option for you.

Can You Wear Glasses With a Bridge Piercing?

Whether or not you can wear glasses with a bridge piercing depends on where your piercing is and where your frames sit. Most of the time, glasses can be worn with a bridge piercing with no issues. If you do find your glasses bump into your bridge piercing, you can shorten the bar or wear flatter ends so they don’t stick out enough to be jostled. You could also try swapping glasses frames.

There are frames where the part that passes over the bridge may be higher or lower than a bridge piercing and if so, there is no reason why you couldn’t wear glasses with a bridge piercing. If you tend to wear your glasses lower on your nose you may also be able to have a bridge piercing.

Do Bridge Piercings Affect Your Vision?

There is a rumor that bridge piercings can make you cross eyed. Don’t worry: becoming cross eyed is not a possibility when getting a bridge piercing.

You will likely be able to see the ends of your bridge piercing, just like you can see your nose. While you still have your longer jewelry in to accommodate for swelling, this will likely be more annoying. But once you swap to your regular jewelry, your brain will “tune out” your jewelry so you won’t always be conscious of it. Just as you likely weren’t annoyed that your nose was blocking a bit of vision until this article pointed it out.

Just like all piercings, you’ll experience a bit of swelling in the few weeks following getting the piercing. The swelling will occur in the area between your eyes, so you might see more of your nose than you usually would. But don’t fear: once the swelling goes down, the amount of your vision blocked by your nose will return to normal.


You’ll likely not experience any issues with your glasses frames bumping your bridge piercing once you swap into your shorter jewelry. If you do, you can try swapping to disc ends or frames where the bridge is higher or lower than your piercing. Bridge piercings don’t affect your vision whatsoever. There’s no risk of becoming cross eyed and your brain will eventually tune out your jewelry.