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Can You Use Septum Jewelry in a Smiley Piercing

septum ring in smiley

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Septum jewelry can be either a horseshoe barbell or a ring. Smiley jewelry is also curved and can be either a horseshoe barbell or a ring. The problem with sharing jewelry between different piercings is you also have to make sure the jewelry is the same size. You’ll need to make sure both the gauge and the length (or diameter) is the same for both pieces. Especially in an area like a smiley, where a perfect fit is important to mitigate potential tooth damage. The average septum gauge is a 16G while the average smiley gauge is between a 18G to a 16G. Diameters for both piercings can change drastically depending on anatomy – so make sure your jewelry is the right size before you insert it!

Can You Put a Nose Ring in Your Smiley?

Jewelry worn in nostrils can be a stud or a ring. Unfortunately, there’s very little chance that your nostril jewelry will be wide enough to fit in your smiley. Most nostril jewelry is a gauge 18. Smileys can be either an 18 or a 16, so the gauge might work out if the diameter is wide enough. It’s important to remember that just because you can fit a piece of jewelry in a piercing doesn’t mean it fits. Jewelry worn in your smiley piercing can do major tooth damage if not properly sized.

What Jewelry Can You Use For a Smiley Piercing?

Smiley piercings need to be curved. Most people why a horseshoe (or circular barbell) but theoretically a ring can be worn as well. Your piercer will properly size you with the best gauge so it will not reject and with the best length to minimize tooth damage. Smileys are one of the few piercings that don’t need to be downsized after the initial healing period, so you won’t need a new size jewelry. Simply ask your piercer to write down the size and gauge of your jewelry and you’ll be all set to go shopping.

What Size Ring Do You Need for a Smiley Piercing?

Smiley piercings vary a lot in size based on your anatomy. Most smileys are either a 16 or 18 in gauge. Length (diameter) varies much more. Most smileys have a diameter of between 6mm and 10mm. But when it comes to smiley piercings, you should never attempt to guess the size. Just because it fits doesn’t mean it won’t cause damage to your teeth. You can always visit your piercer and they will be able to tell you the gauge and size of your jewelry.


Septum jewelry may be able to be worn in a smiley piercing if they both are the same gauge and diameter. Do not attempt to change your smiley piercing’s diameter without visiting your piercer first because it could cause permanent tooth damage. You likely won’t be able to wear a nose ring in your smiley piercing, but if the sizes do happen to match up, there won’t be an issue. Visit your piercer if you need help figuring out the size of your smiley piercing jewelry.