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Can You Wear Airpods With a Tragus Piercing?

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If your tragus piercing is still healing, you shouldn’t wear any kind of headphones or earphones, including airpods. Once your tragus piercing is fully healed, it’s safe to wear earphones again. The reason you can’t wear earphones with a healing tragus piercing is because: 1) touching anything against an unhealed piercing has the potential to cause an infection and 2) the pressure against your jewelry will cause an irritation bump to form and could even contribute to migration.

How Long After a Tragus Piercing Can You Wear Earphones?

You’ll need to wait for your tragus piercing to be fully healed before you can wear earphones again, which will be at a minimum, six months but more likely a year. However you should be prepared that airpods may never be comfortable again. With your new jewelry, there’s simply less room on the inside of your ear now. Depending on your anatomy, you might find that wearing some earphones will push against your jewelry and could make even your healed piercing sore.

What Piercings Affect Earpods?

This problem doesn’t just exist for tragus piercings. Nearly any piercing that goes in your ear with interfere with headphones. Some piercings can be healed while you wear airpods but are not safe for over ear headphones. For example, helix piercings, forward felixes, snugs, flats (outer conch), and rooks. The other ear piercings are not safe to wear with either headphones or earphones. For example, traguses, daiths, and conches.

Best Earphones for a Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercings are not safe to wear with earphones or headphones while it’s healing. After it’s healed, you’ll be able to wear either type. However, many people find it uncomfortable to wear in ear earphones with a tragus, so they make the switch to over the ear headphones. If you love earphones, you may be able to find a more comfortable pair by searching for smaller earphones, like those made for children or women with small ears. The type with more jelly-like insides instead of a harder shell can also be more comfortable.

How Do You Put in Earphones With a Tragus Piercing?

If your tragus is fully healed, you may still find it uncomfortable to insert earphones. While you can insert your earphones the same way you always have, some people find it more comfortable to gently pull your tragus forward until you get the earphones in place. Once you’ve placed your earphones, you can gently return your tragus to resting position, which may make it more comfortable for you to wear your regular earphones.


If your ear piercing is still healing, you won’t be able to wear any kind of earphones or headphones until 6 to twelve months when it’s fully healed. Once your piercing is healed, you’ll be able to wear whatever kind of earphones you want. However, some people find that some earphones become uncomfortable with a tragus piercing and instead make the switch to headphones. If you do want to keep wearing earphones, you can try a kind made for smaller ears or a kind that is made of something more flexible.