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How Long Does a Constellation Piercing Take to Heal?

how long does a constellation piercing take to heal

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Constellation piercings are made up of several different types of piercings that take different amounts of time to heal. Like a large tattoo, constellation piercings may need to be broken down into smaller chunks of piercings that can heal before the whole “look” is complete. To get a good estimation of how long it will take your entire constellation piercing to fully heal, you’ll need to look up the healing times for each different type of ear piercing that your constellation piercing consists of. Lobe piercings take around 2 months to fully heal while cartilage piercings take around a year to fully heal. You should only heal 4 piercings at a time.

What Are Curated Piercings / Curated Ear?

Curated piercings (or curated ear) is a different term for a constellation piercing. Constellation piercings get their name from them being made up of multiple different piercings (or stars). While curated piercing comes from the idea that each piercing is working together to create a curated look or curated ear. Simply, they are a collection of piercings on the same ear that look nice together. There are many different combinations of curated piercings based on personal preferences and anatomy.

How Much Does a Constellation Piercing Cost?

Because they’re simply a collection of many piercings, constellation piercings can get to be pretty pricy. While some piercers may give discounts for multiple piercings performed in the same session, many piercers do not. You’ll need to pay for each individual piercing in your constellation piercing. This can add up to several hundred dollars depending on how many piercings you get. Of course, this will also be spread out over time as you can only get a maximum of four piercings done at once.

Do Constellation Piercings Hurt?

How much a constellation piercing hurts depends on what types of piercing are making up the constellation piercing as well as personal pain tolerance. If you’re getting more than one piercing done at a time, they will hurt more. This is because adrenaline prevents you from feeling a lot of the pain but after your first piercing, the adrenaline wears off. Cartilage piercings, especially those that go through thick cartilage, also tend to be higher on the pain scale.

Which Ear Piercings Look Best Together?

Which ear piercings look best together is more a matter of personal preference. But like with all fashion, there are a few rules that most people agree with. Piercings that go on opposite sides of the ear or highlight the inner ear vs the outer ear tend to look good together while piercings that are too close together end up looking cluttered. For example, (inner) conch piercings and rook piercings look good together, but conch piercings and daith piercings can be a bit cluttered depending on your anatomy.


Constellation piercings are a group of ear piercings that are curated to look good together. Depending on your specific plan, constellation piercings can take years and hundreds of dollars to complete. How much a constellation piercing hurts depends on the types of piercings it is made up of and how many piercings are done in one session.