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How Temporary Piercings Really Are

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Unlike tattoos and other body modifications, piercings are generally thought of as a temporary way to express yourself. Similarly to hair that always grows back, once you remove a piercing, it always grows back over. But some piercings in particular give unsightly scars. So, which piercings should you steer away from if you want a truly temporary piercing?

Do All Piercings Close Up?

Unless you’ve gauged up your piercing to a very large diameter or used a body modification to get your piercing, all piercings close up eventually. Depending on how long you’ve had your piercing it could take a few hours to a few months, but it will not stay open. In that sense, all piercings truly are temporary. The hole you made in your body will close up on its own. You don’t need to worry about any openings in your face.

Piercing Scars

Some people are afraid of piercings because they think all piercings leave huge scars. While the truth is most piercing scars are imperceptible, it’s important to recognize that you might be left with one after you decide to retire your piercing. Over time, piercing scars become less and less noticeable. After about a year after closing, its unlikely most people would be able to see any normal piercing scar unless they were close to you and looking for it. There are also other ways to decrease the appearance of piercing scars, such as moisturizing.

Which Piercings Are More Likely to Scar

Some piercings are more likely to scar than others. Cheek piercings for example were actually designed to leave dimple-like scars. Dermal piercings are also more likely to leave a scar. Your piercings are also more likely to scar if you have difficulty while healing such as constant irritation bumps or an infection. Also, if your piercing rejects or gets ripped out, it’s more likely to leave a larger scar. Most common piercings generally won’t cause a big scar. If you’re safe and practice LITHA while healing, they are even less likely to develop a scar because of poor healing.

Piercings That Cannot Be Permanent

While some people worry that piercings aren’t temporary enough, others worry that they’re too temporary. No matter how long you’ve had your piercing, there’s always the chance that the jewelry will fall out and it will close up before you notice or can replace the jewelry. Even worse, some piercings can not be permanent and will always reject eventually. Dermals and surface piercings (such as eyebrow piercings) will never be permanent. Luckily though, you can always re-pierce.


In general, piercings can be temporary. However you should always keep in mind that your piercing might leave behind a small scar. In order to minimize your chances of scarring you should avoid piercings that are known to leave scars, such as dimple piercings. You should also practice safe healing and continually monitor your piercing for signs of rejection. You don’t need to worry about your piercing not closing up, because all piercings will eventually close up once the jewelry is removed. (Sometimes too quickly).