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How To Insert a Seamless Ring Into a Septum Piercing

how to put in a seamless septum ring

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A seamless ring is a type of jewelry where the ends don’t connect fully. It’s opened and closed by twisting the ring. Many people have a hard time identifying what type of ring jewelry they have. Often, seamless rings can be confused with segment rings, which have a small segment that can be completely removed from the ring. Your ring may also be a clicker, which is similar to a segment ring but has a small hinge so the segment can’t be completely removed.

If you have a seamless ring, don’t attempt to pull the ends apart. This will be very hard and may cause the ring to be malformed. Instead, twist the ends apart in a motion similar to how you’d tear paper. You should be able to do this with your bare hands, but jewelers pliers can help. Twist the ring until you have plenty of room between the ends and then one of the ends in and twist. Once your ring is in place, simply twist the ring back until it appears straight.

How to Take Out a Seamless Septum Ring

Taking out a seamless ring in your septum can be more tricky than putting it in because you’ll have less space to twist the ring ends apart. If your ring is tight fitting, you’ll probably need to use jeweler’s pliers. Twist the ends of the ring until you have enough room between them, then rotate the ring until it has been removed. If you need any help changing your body jewelry, your piercer can change it for you for a small fee.

What to do if Your Seamless Septum Ring is Stuck

If your seamless septum ring is stuck, it’s likely because there’s not enough room between the ends of the ring. The farther you twist your ring, the more tight it will feel, but if you had enough room to get it in, you can get enough room to get it out. Make use of pliers or your piercer if you’re unable to open your septum ring any farther.

Your jewelry may also feel stuck if you have boogers or crusties stuck to the jewelry. The best way to remove crusties from a septum piercing is to prepare a sea salt soak and soak your nose in it for 15 minutes. To dislodge particularly sticky crusties, blow in the water with your nose to make bubbles.


The first step to removing or inserting a seamless ring is to make sure it really is a seamless ring, as many types of rings look similar. Seamless rings aren’t completely solid – they have one slit in them. To open a seamless ring, you need to twist either side of it to separate the ends of the ring. Don’t attempt to pull the ends straight apart as this will change the structure of the ring. If you’re having a tough time changing your jewelry, you can try to use pliers or you can visit your piercer. If your ring is stuck, it may have crusties. Try soaking your septum piercing to loosen and remove the crust.