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How To Keep Your Nose Piercing From Sticking Out of Your Nostril

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If your nostril jewelry is visible from your nostril, it likely means you’re wearing the wrong jewelry type for your anatomy. Some people with shallow nostrils cannot support an l-shaped stud or a corkscrew stud. Flat back labrets are a safe alternative jewelry type that is easily hidden within your nostril. If you just got pierced, your jewelry may be visible because piercers will give you a longer piece of jewelry at first to allow for swelling. If this is the cause, you can return to your piercer in a few weeks once the swelling has gone down to get your jewelry downsized.

How Do You Fix a Nose Piercing That Sticks Out

The simplest way to fix your piercing is just to swap out your jewelry. You may be able to readjust your jewelry so it’s not visible, but its likely to slide down again and just become a nuisance. You have several options for nostril studs: flat back labrets are simple and safe, a fishtail nose stud can be custom bent by your piercer for a perfect fit, or you could find a smaller version of the jewelry you’re already using.

How Do You Know if Your Nose Ring is Too Small?

A nose ring that is too small will slowly slice through your nostril, causing something known as the cheese cutter effect. Luckily there’s a few ways to tell if your nose ring is too small before you experience the cheese cutter effect. The area around your piercing will likely be red. You’ll likely feel a bit of tension either at your piercing site or on the end of your nostril where the jewelry touches. A good rule of thumb is a perfectly healed nostril piercing should be able to be easily rotated without feeling like it’s tugging.

Why Does Your Nose Stud Not Lay Flat?

If your nostril was recently pierced, your nose stud may appear to not lay flat because it is swollen. When a few weeks has passed and the swelling has gone down, you can start to look into other reasons. If it was pierced or healed unevenly, you may need to get your nostril re-pierced so it will lay flat.

Your jewelry may also stick out if the “rise” of your jewelry is too long. The rise is the part of your stud between the base of the jewelry and the visible end. If you have smaller nostrils, you may need to shop for jewelry with a smaller rise.

How To Tell if Your L-Shaped Nose Stud is Too Long

If your l-shaped nose stud is too long, there are several ways to tell. The most important is that your jewelry will be jostling around in your piercing. If your jewelry moves too much, it could cause irritation bumps. As long as your jewelry doesn’t cause irritation bumps, it’s purely an aesthetic choice if your stud is too long. You might choose to downsize your jewelry if you can see your stud in your nostril or if your end sticks up too far.


If your nostril piercing is sticking out from your nostril, you may want to swap to a different type of jewelry such as a flat back labret. Your jewelry may also be visible if your nostril was recently pierced and it’s still swollen. If you need help finding a jewelry type that fits your unique anatomy, your piercer can help you, usually for a low fee.