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How to Take Out a Nose Stud With a Flat Back

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Flat back labrets (or flat back nose screws as you may know them) can be tricky to take out. First you need to know if your labret is threaded or not. If your labret is threadless, you can remove it simply by pulling the end straight out. If it’s tight, you can slightly twist as you pull to loosen it up. However, it’s slightly more likely that your jewelry is threaded, which is removed by unscrewing the end. Your piercer likely put your initial jewelry in really tight so it wouldn’t fall out. If needed, latex gloves or even jewelry pliers can be helpful to get the leverage to remove your stud.

How Do Straight Nose Studs Stay In

How straight nose studs stay is dependent upon what kind of threading its made of. Most jewelry is threaded, which means there’s a screw-like threading on your post. These kinds of jewelry stay in the same way a screw does – by screwing in to the post. Threadless jewelry does not have threading and instead is bent so it is held by the bend in the end. If your threadless jewelry falls out it means you didn’t bend your jewelry enough when it was inserted.

What is the Easiest Nose Stud to Put In and Take Out

The easiest nose stud to insert and remove is the l-shaped nose stud. L shaped nose studs are just one piece of jewelry that is (surprisingly) shaped like an L. Because there’s no small pieces to screw in or line up correctly, the l-shaped nose stud is very easy to insert, but it also won’t move once it’s inserted. Nose screws are similar. They are just like l-shaped nose studs, except instead of being shaped like an L, they curve heavily. Nose screws are also very easy to insert and remove, but they tend to twist around more than an L-shaped.

Nose pins are arguably the easiest to put in and remove as they are just straight posts. However, there is nothing really holding them in so you are at a risk of losing your jewelry. Another simple type of nostril jewelry is a nose bone. While nose bones may look tempting, the large unremovable ball at the end of the post actually injures your piercing and they generally should be avoided.

What To Do When Your Threadless Nose Stud Gets Stuck

If your threadless nose stud gets stuck, slightly twist the end while you pull to remove the jewelry. It’s easier if you use one hand to hold the post in your nostril still while you use the other hand to pry the end free. You can also use latex gloves, as the extra grip can be helpful. Jewelry pliers can also be used to get extra leverage and remove the end. If all else fails, you can always visit your piercer who will be happy to help you remove or switch your jewelry.

How To Put in a Nose Stud With a Flat Back

The easiest way to insert a nose stud with a flat back is by first inserting the flat back in through the inside of your nostril. Once the back is in place, you can use your thumb to hold it in place against your nostril while you insert the end. If your jewelry has threading, simply screw the end in until it feels tight. To insert a threadless end, put your jewelry in about half way, then bend the pin before inserting the pin the rest of the way. If the end is too loose, bend the pin more before inserting.


To remove a flat back labret, you need to either unscrew it or pull it straight out, depending if it has threading. If the jewelry gets stuck, use latex gloves or jewelry pliers to get extra leverage and pry the end free. If all else fails, visit your piercer for help swapping or removing your jewelry. To insert a flat back labret, insert the flat back through the nostril first and then hold it in place while you insert the end. The easiest and safest nostril jewelry to insert and remove is an l-shaped stud or a curved stud.