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How to Unscrew a Stubborn Septum Ball

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This article assumes you are wearing a circular barbell with two ends rather than a ring with a ball in it.

There are a number of different methods you can use to help you remove your septum ball. Wearing latex gloves can be helpful for some people because the oil from your hands can make it difficult to grip. Jewelry pliers may also be helpful if you have a hard time using your fingers with gloves on.

The easiest way to unscrew a septum ball is to grip the jewelry on one side (in your nostril) and use the other hand to unscrew the ball on the other side.

Which Way Do You Unscrew a Septum Ball?

Assuming your jewelry is threaded, you unscrew a septum ball counterclockwise. The same expression “righty tighty, lefty loosey” works with body jewelry. Most body jewelry is threaded, but threadless jewelry is becoming more common. If your septum ring is unthreaded, you actually don’t need to twist the end and instead just pull it straight out (although twisting threadless jewelry can help it become unstuck).

How To Unscrew a Septum Ring Without Pliers

We get it – pliers are scary. Or maybe you just don’t want to run to the store to buy a pair of jewelry pliers you’ll only use a handful of times. No matter the reason, plenty of people seek a plier free alternative. Latex gloves are the best alternative for pliers because it allows you to get the extra grip you need, without the extra scary strength. If you are completely unable to remove your jewelry yourself, you can go back to your piercer and they will swap out your jewelry for you.

Do Both Balls on a Septum Ring Unscrew?

Most septum rings allow both of the balls to be unscrewed. Septum rings are really just circular barbells. They allow you to remove both ends so you can swap them out with whatever you prefer. We have occasionally seen very cheap jewelry that has one end fused on so only one end is able to be removed. If only one ball is able to unscrew on your jewelry, you may want to consider upgrading to a better piece because it likely isn’t made from a body safe material.

How to Loosen a Septum Ball

Unfortunately, there aren’t too many methods for loosening a septum ball. Make sure the ball is as dry as possible, and use gloves or pliers to rotate the ball counter clockwise. If the ball still isn’t budging, you’ll likely need to visit your piercer for help removing your jewelry. Most piercers will offer this service for a $5 fee.


You can use latex gloves or jewelry pliers to get a good grip on your septum jewelry. Simply use one hand to grip one side of your jewelry, and use the other to grip the ball and twist it counter clockwise. If you’re unable to get good leverage, you may want to ask a friend for help. If you’ve tried and you can’t get it on your own – don’t worry. You can re-visit your piercer and they will change it for you for a small fee.