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Industrial Piercings Without a Bar: Industrial Alternatives

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If you’re getting a industrial piercing, you may be wondering what types of jewelry can be worn with it. Unfortunately for the traditional industrial piercing, you will need to wear a long industrial bar. Because the industrial is made of two separate piercings with one piece of jewelry connecting them, if the jewelry is removed, the two individual piercings may migrate and rotate so a bar would no longer be able to fit between them. For this reason, it’s very important especially during the healing process that an industrial bar is worn.

If you don’t care to ever wear an industrial bar in your piercing, feel free to wear whatever type of jewelry in your piercings that you please. On the other hand, if your ears aren’t suitable for a traditional industrial piercing, there are many faux industrial piercings that you can wear instead.

What Can You Use Instead of an Industrial Bar?

As previously mentioned, if you ever want to swap back into an industrial bar, you should always keep your industrial bar in. Because piercings always have a chance of completely healthy migration, you won’t want to risk your piercings no longer being able to accommodate your jewelry type of choice.

Aside from that, you can wear whatever type of jewelry in your industrial piercings that you may wear in any helix and forward helix piercing, including flat back labrets and even rings. After all, without the industrial bar connecting the two, what you really have is two piercings: a helix and a forward helix.

What To Get if You Can’t Get an Industrial Piercing

If your ears aren’t anatomically suitable for an industrial piercing, it’s still possible to get a piercing that looks similar to an industrial. Most faux industrial piercings are simply a change of jewelry. They appear to be the same extra long bar that an industrial piercing sports, but on one end, they curve 90 degrees instead of being straight. This means that one of your piercings (likely the helix) goes through your flat instead. If you can’t support either a helix or a forward helix, you can also get a bar that curves 90 degrees at each end, so both piercings go through the flat.

Another alternative is the vertical industrial piercing. While this does not look the same, it’s a truly unique alternative. This industrial goes straight up and down from the top part of the helix down through the inner conch. Regular industrial bars can typically be worn with these. You can also go a little extra and get a trident piercing, which is the same thing but with three helixes on the top so the bar looks like a trident.

To get jewelry for either of these piercings, you’ll likely need to speak with your piercer, who will measure your piercings to make sure the new jewelry will fit and will likely custom order the piece for you.

What Ears Are Not Suitable for an Industrial Piercing?

Everyone’s anatomy is different. You may not be able to support an industrial piercing if you don’t have a defined “lip” on your helix. Industrial piercings are notoriously a pain to heal, so your piercer will want to make sure you have plenty of tissue before they pierce you. You’ll need to visit your piercer to make sure you have the anatomy to support an industrial piercing. If you don’t, you can still discuss with your piercer other options which may only be an option for your unique anatomy.


If you ever want to wear an industrial bar in your industrial piercing, you should always keep the bar in. Especially during healing, piercings can always migrate, which means you may never be able to wear a bar in your piercings again. If you don’t care to ever wear an industrial bar, you can wear whatever type of jewelry you like in your piercings. If you don’t have the anatomy to support a traditional industrial piercing, you can speak with your piercer to discuss the multiple kinds of faux industrial piercings that may work for you.