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Is Hot Topic Body Jewelry Safe?

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Is Hot Topic’s body jewelry safe? Yes. Is there better jewelry you can buy? Definitely yes. Most of the body jewelry that Hot Topic carries is from the brand Metal Mafia. Metal Mafia is generally safe because it’s made from implant grade titanium. But of all the brands that carry implant grade titanium, Metal Mafia is by far the worst – so much so that some piercers even consider Metal Mafia to be a not safe brand. The issue is their quality can be very hit and miss. It doesn’t matter if the jewelry is made from the safest material ever if it’s not smooth and it keeps cutting your piercing open.

What is Hot Topic Jewelry Made Of?

The majority of Hot Topic’s jewelry is made from implant grade titanium, which is very safe. You can read about safe body jewelry materials here. Metal Mafia (the brand carried by Hot Topic) also carries a majority of internally threaded jewelry, which is the safest kind of threading. However, you will need to check on the materials that the ends are made from. Metal Mafia carries implant grade titanium posts, but often the ends are made from something else that may not necessarily be safe.

Hot Topic also occasionally sells body jewelry not carried by Metal Mafia. This is made from surgical steel and is not a safe material. It may not even be hypoallergenic. Always check the tag to see what it’s made from before you purchase.

Is Hot Topic Jewelry Hypoallergenic?

Hot Topic’s body jewelry’s posts are hypoallergenic. None of the body jewelry carried by Hot Topic has nickel in it. However, you will need to check the materials that the ends are made from. The other jewelry carried by Hot Topic (necklaces, rings, regular earrings) are not held to the same standard as body jewelry and may not be hypoallergenic and could potentially turn your skin green.

Is Hot Topic Body Jewelry Good?

Good is not a word most people would use to describe the quality of Hot Topic’s body jewelry. While it is made of internally threaded implant grade titanium, that’s the absolute minimum that your body jewelry should be. With each piece of jewelry, you’ll need to feel along the post to make sure it is completely smooth and no jagged edges could be causing irritation or scratches to your piercing. If the jewelry is colored, you’ll also need to check and make sure it’s anodized instead of coated in something unsafe. You’ll also need to check the quality of the ends to make sure they are made from safe materials.

Can You Return Body Jewelry at Hot Topic?

You cannot return any body jewelry bought from Hot Topic. While that’s the norm for body jewelry because of contact with bodily fluids, it makes it particularly difficult to buy from them with the amount of quality checking you need to perform on these pieces.


If you fall in love with a piece of jewelry at Hot Topic, check the tag to make sure it’s made from internally threaded implant grade titanium. Before you put it in, check to make sure the jewelry is completely smooth. If you experience any irritation or pain a few days after changing your jewelry, return to a safer piece of jewelry. But if you’re just looking for quality jewelry that is safe to heal on and potentially leave in forever: look elsewhere.