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Piercings for Men: The Most Popular Male Piercings 2021

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To begin, we’d like to note: If you are reading this article expecting to find a certain piercing on the list – just get it. Piercings are not gendered and men can rock any piercing a woman can. From a lip piercing to a navel piercing, if you want it – you should get it. You may be used to seeing piercings with more feminine jewelry, but keep in mind that many men make their piercings more “masculine” by wearing thicker gauge jewelry, wearing black anodized niobium, and/or swapping out jewelry ends for spikes. So keep an open mind about any piercings you see and rest assured that you can make it look great.

1. Eyebrow Piercings

male eyebrow piercing

Eyebrow piercings have always been popular choices for men and the trend isn’t showing any sign of slowing. Interestingly, eyebrow piercings are the only type of non-genital piercings that are actually dominated by men. If you are simply looking for a type of piercing that no one will question you about, an eyebrow piercing may be the answer. Although it is important to remember that eyebrow piercings are a type of surface piercing, and therefore have a high chance of migration and rejection.

2. Lip/Oral Piercings

Lip/oral piercings are another type of piercing that men commonly get. Whether it is a lip labret/ring, or a tongue/webbing piercing, men can definitely rock this style. With lip piercings, men tend to wear a thicker gauge than women. For jewelry, what we see most commonly are rings, sometimes anodized different colors, or labrets/horseshoes with spike ends.

3. Nose Piercings

male septum piercing

Septum piercings have been popular among men for a long time. You may be interested to find, however, that nostril piercings are growing in popularity with men as well. Both septum piercings and nostril piercings can be gauged to incredible widths, which is very popular with men now. Rings and curved barbells are the most popular jewelry choice for men, although nostril studs are also raising in popularity.

4. Nipple Piercings

inverted nipple piercing

Because men can walk around without their shirt on, they have a unique opportunity to show off nipple piercings where women can not. These can be particularly sexy piercings if you can withstand the pain of the piercing and long healing process. Men typically wear either standard barbells or horseshoes.

5. Helix Piercings

male helix piercing

Helix piercings are likely the most shocking on our list. Helix piercings have long been considered one of the more feminine piercings, but they are rising in popularity among men. Typically they are worn in junction with other ear piercings, such as multiple lobe piercings, gauged lobes, snugs, daiths, conches, or traguses. The key to making ear piercings more “masculine” is having them in combinations with other ear piercings.


While we stand firm in our belief that you should get any piercing that is calling to you, it is also important to feel comfortable and being comfortable to some people means fitting in with societal norms. If you want to make any piercing more masculine, consider wearing black anodized niobium, increasing the gauge of the piercing, pairing the piercing with a few other piercings, or swapping out the ends for spikes. However, if you simply want a certain piercing and are unconcerned with the thoughts of others – feel free! Decorate your body however you choose.