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Piercings That Can Be Easily Hidden

hide piercings

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Whether your job requires you to “look more professional” or you’re the maid of honor to a bride who doesn’t want your piercings showing, those of us who live the alternative look will always have people who want us to cover up for some reason or another. For some occasions, swapping out your jewelry to clear glass is good enough, but if you need to hide your piercings ever single day, you may be interested in which piercings can be easily hidden.

How to (Mostly) Hide Any Piercing

If you need to attend an event where you want your piercings to be less noticeable, clear glass retainers with a flesh colored covering can sometimes do the trick, as long as no one will be inspecting you. This trick can be done with lip, nostril, eyebrow, and really any type of piercing that you would like to cover.

Glass is luckily one of the materials that is safe to wear in a healing piercing, but remember that while a piercing is healing you should not change the jewelry yourself and you can visit your piercer to have your jewelry changed out.

Glass retainers can be found (or made) in any length or gauge for piercings. Sometimes, a glass retainer alone will be enough to hide a piercing, but for those who need a little extra help, flesh colored caps can be made, so the piercing will simply appear as a skin blemish or pimple to passersby.

Septum Piercings

Septum piercings are the only facial piercings that can be completely hidden basically 100% of the time. Unless you somehow tilt your head so people are looking straight up your nose and investigating inside it, no one will be able to see your septum piercing.

In order to hide your septum piercing, simply wear a horseshoe barbell and flip it up inside your nostrils. This can even be done while healing (although don’t flip your piercing while it is healing – move it once and simply wear it up the entire time it is healing). To be extra safe you can even wear black anodized niobium so it blends in with the shadows in your nostrils.

Piercings Inside the Mouth

Piercings inside your mouth can be mostly hidden. This includes tongue piercings, webbing piercings, smilies and frownies. Obviously if your mouth can be kept closed for what you need them hidden for (pictures for example), your piercings will pose no issues. However if you have a customer facing job where you will be talking to someone, piercings within the mouth can be harder to hide.

Of all the piercings inside the mouth, tongue and webbing piercings are the easiest to hide. There are only certain sounds that will show the piercing when you are talking. To help hide glimpses of the piercing, glass retainers can be worn.

What to Do About Gauges

Unfortunately gauges are a bit harder to hide than the rest of piercings. If you can wear your hair down and it is long enough to cover your gauges – great! Other than that, you will need to discuss your gauges with whoever doesn’t want them visible to find what you can agree upon. Depending on the gauge of your gauges, removing them is simply not an option. To help get your point across, you can actually remove them to show the person that it is not a desirable fix. You can suggest clear glass gauges as a reasonable alternative.


If you need to hide your piercings for a special event such as a wedding, a glass retainer and a flesh colored cap should be enough of a covering. If you are interested in which piercings you can get for your job that doesn’t allow piercings, you may need to be safe and stick with a flipped up septum piercing. If you want to branch out further, you can ask if a piercing that is only visible while talking could also be acceptable.