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Un-Inverting Inverted Nipples Through Piercing

inverted nipple piercing

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We’d like to begin this article by mentioning that there is nothing wrong with inverted nipples. We are all built differently and as long as you love your body, that’s all that matters. However we understand that some people may feel self conscious about their inverted nipples and may be seeking safe ways to hide them.

Depending on your anatomy, you may be able to get your nipples pierced even if they are typically “innies”. The jewelry will hold your nipple exposed and keep it on the outside. With nipple piercings, no one will even be able to tell if they are typically inverted. This can be a much safer and cheaper option than surgery and could be worth a shot if you are interested in un-inverting your nipples and having a piercing.

What Types of Inverted Nipples Can Be Pierced?

There are many different types of inverted nipples. To have a definite answer on if yours will be able to be pierced and can fully support a piercing, you will need to visit your piercer. The main three types are as follows:

  1. Inverted nipples that can be easily un-inverted through manipulation with the fingers. This type stays un-inverted for a short period of time before re-inverting themselves. These should be very simple to pierce and can typically support a piercing just as well as any other nipple.
  2. This covers most inverted nipples. The nipple can be forced out and will re-invert itself immediately after pressure is no longer applied or the nipple is no longer held. These can be pierced as long as the entire nipple is able to be pulled out, as only pulling out part of the nipple will result in a shallow piercing that will migrate out. If you can pull your entire nipple out long enough for your piercer to get a good clamp on it, you should have no problems with the piercing process.
  3. Inverted nipples that can not be un-inverted. Unfortunately if there is no way to un-invert your entire nipple, there is no way to pierce it.

Are Pierced Inverted Nipples Any Different From Other Pierced Nipples?

For the most part, pierced inverted nipples are the same as other pierced nipples, but there may be some key differences we’d like to mention.

As with any piercing, inverted nipple piercings are very anatomy dependent. The fact could be that your nipple needs to be pierced at a different angle than you were expecting. While horizontal nipple piercings are the most popular, diagonal and even vertical nipple piercings are becoming more in style, so it will not be unusual for you to support a differently angled piercing. No matter the angle, the jewelry in your piercing will be able to hold your nipple out.

Inverted nipples should also be pierced at a higher gauge (probably 12g) than another nipple. This is because there will be more pressure on the jewelry from the tissue attempting to return to its regular state, so the larger gauge will mitigate chances of the piercing migrating because of this.

Is It Easy to Hide Pierced Nipples?

If you’re only considering getting your nipples pierced because you want to un-invert them, you may not want anyone to see them besides the people who usually see you with your shirt off. Luckily, pierced nipples are generally easy to hide. If you pair a small end with a thick shirt (you can add in a thick bra if you wear bras), there is very little chance of other people being able to notice your piercing.

Can You Breastfeed with Pierced Inverted Nipples?

A main reason women may avoid piercing their nipples is because they believe it may get in the way of any breastfeeding they may need to do. Luckily, breastfeeding can still occur with a pierced nipple. You will need to remove the jewelry and thoroughly clean your nipple before breastfeeding as the jewelry is a choking hazard and bacteria tends to live around the jewelry. You will find that milk will now come from three holes instead of one, but that does not affect the feeding process. You should be able to put the jewelry back in your piercing even if your nipples re-inverted themselves during the feeding.

What Happens if You Remove the Jewelry from Pierced Inverted Nipples?

Many people find that after healing and retiring a nipple piercing, their nipples remain un-inverted. Of course this depends on the individual and their anatomy, and there is always the chance that your nipples may decide to re-invert themselves someday. You still have a good chance of retaining un-inverted nipples without wearing any jewelry in them.

How Long Does it Take to Heal Pierced Inverted Nipples?

A typical nipple piercing takes a year to fully heal. The process can be made longer if the piercing is often bumped or slept on. In general, inverted nipples do take longer to heal due to the extra pressure that the tissue puts on the jewelry while it attempts to re-invert itself. This depends on your anatomy and how much pressure your tissue places on the jewelry, but you can expect an extra six months to one year of healing (totaling 1 and half years to 2 years of healing) for your inverted nipple piercing.

What Type of Jewelry Can Be Worn in Pierced Inverted Nipples?

The fact that your nipples were originally inverted makes no changes in the types of jewelry that can be worn in your nipple piercings. Nipple piercings can hold most jewelry types including rings, barbells, and nipple guards. Nipple guards are barbells with an extra “guard” that goes over the top of the nipple. Both ends of a barbell can be swapped out to provide endless customizations.


If you are seeking a non-surgical option to un-invert your inverted nipples, a nipple piercing may be a safe and cheap way to go! Most inverted nipples can be safely pierced and some people even find that their nipples remain un-inverted after removing the jewelry. If you are unsure if a nipple piercing is for you, you can always visit your local piercer to have your anatomy checked. Most piercers will perform this service for free (although it would be nice of you to tip!).