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What is the Spiritual Meaning of a Septum Piercing

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Not only are septum piercings visually attractive, they also have a vast array of meanings, both historical and spiritual. If you’re looking to be connected to your piercing in a more spiritual way, the septum might be for you. Depending on the part of the world, historically septum piercings have been used to signify a coming of age. In men it was often used to signify their fierceness as a warrior. In women it can be used to signify she is either ready to be married or is married. While not so long ago, the septum piercing was connected to the punk rock movement, it has recently been considered more mainstream and classy.

What Does a Septum Piercing Mean on a Woman?

Depending on the area, a septum piercing can either signify a coming of age. Meaning that the woman wearing the piercing is an adult. Or, it can signify that she is married and no longer on the market, the same way a wedding ring is used.

In America, the engagement ring began as an expensive ring that she could sell if she ever needed to make her own money, either to get away from her husband or in the event he died. In some countries, expensive septum rings are the same thing, except instead of the future husband giving it, the woman’s family provides the gift.

Septum Piercing History

Septum piercings are thought to have originated with Native American cultures. Although this is an ancient piercing that can be seen sported by many of the ancient warrior/tribal cultures. Back then, septum piercings were frequently made from bone. Some people believe the piercing was made as a trophy from the bones (likely tibia) of enemies conquered. Either way, the large piercing made of bone was definitely used to intimidate enemies.

Like women, septum piercings were used to signify a coming of age for the men in the tribe. The piercing was typically bestowed after the man got through his rite of passage into manhood, which often included a successful return from a soul-searching journey in the wilderness.

What Does a Septum Piercing Mean Sexually

Some people worry that certain piercings can signify that you are either gay or straight. The septum piercing is not aligned to a specific sexuality. In some countries through, nose piercings can signify that women are fertile. These are usually the same countries that use septum piercings to signify a woman’s coming of age.

What Does a Septum Piercing Say About You

Unless you are in one of the countries that places a great deal of importance on nose piercings, your septum piercing likely doesn’t mean much to the people around you. Especially recently, piercings in general are seen as more acceptable, even by business standards. While some older or more closed minded people may judge you and question your piercing, the average person will not see you any differently. It’s important to remember that your piercings are for you and can signify whatever you want because they’re personal.


Septum piercings are some of the oldest piercings with a very rich background. In ancient warrior tribes, piercings made from bone were used to signify a fierce warrior and intimidate enemies. Septum piercings have also been historically significant to women. They were also used to signify that a woman was fertile and either ready for marriage or married. Nowadays a lot of the stigma against septum piercings has been lifted and people will think no differently of you if you decide to get a septum piercing.