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What To Do When Your Corkscrew Nose Ring Won’t Go In

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The easiest way to insert a corkscrew nose ring is by making sure the end is fully inserted before attempting to twist it in fully. The very end of corkscrew jewelry is generally straight. Insert the straight piece until you can feel it inside your nostril and then you can begin to twist to fully insert the corkscrew the rest of the way. Depending on your anatomy, you may be able to insert the end of the ring and then simply lift the end of the jewelry and slide it into place without too much twisting.

Why Won’t Your Nose Ring Go Back In?

If your corkscrew nose ring won’t go back in, it’s likely just because they’re hard to insert. Depending on the side you have pierced, your anatomy, and the length of your nails, inserting a corkscrew nose ring can be an ordeal. It’s unlikely that your nose ring doesn’t fit unless you’ve had your jewelry removed for several hours. If you’re simply unable to insert your jewelry, you can always visit your piercer and they will be happy to swap your jewelry for you.

What To Do if Your Nose Ring Won’t Fit

If you’ve inserted your jewelry, but you can see the corkscrew part out of the bottom of your nostril, it likely means your nose is either smaller than average, or your piercing was placed low on your nostril. It’s not dangerous if your piercing is placed low, you just may have to switch the type of nostril jewelry you wear. Flat back labrets are always a good alternative to for nostril jewelry.

Corkscrew Nose Ring Will Only Go in Halfway

If your nose ring won’t go in all the way, you may have purchased the wrong size jewelry. Nose rings have a unique sizing called rise. The rise is the length of jewelry from the bend, or place that anchors your jewelry inside your nose, to the pretty end. If there is too much rise sticking out of your nose, you might want to shop around to find a piece of jewelry with a shorter rise for a closer fit.

How to Put a Corkscrew Nose Ring In On the Left Side

If your nostril piercing is on the left side, it can be more difficult to put in. However, the basics are all the same. Try and insert as much of the end in as possible before you begin twisting your jewelry until it settles in place. If you have a hard time getting the right angle, a friend might be helpful for this step. In general, it’s much easier to insert an l-shaped nose stud if your nose piercing is on the left side.


Corkscrew nose rings can be difficult to insert because of how much you need to twist to get it to settle correctly. If you can, it’s easier to first insert the jewelry straight until you can feel the post from the inside of your nostril. Then, twist until it settles in place. If you want an easier nose stud to insert and remove, the l-shaped nose stud is typically the easiest and safest. You can always visit your piercer for help removing or changing your jewelry.