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Will a Nose Piercing Make Your Nose Look Bigger or Smaller?

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The general consensus is that nose piercings don’t make a nose look bigger or smaller. It’s important to remember that you should only get a piercing if you like the way a piercing looks. If you don’t like nostril piercings but think it might make your big nose look smaller, you’ll likely be even more upset with your nose after it’s pierced. But if you like nostril piercings, you’ll probably feel even more confident about your nose once it’s pierced.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good on Big Noses?

Nose piercings can look great on big noses! The number one mistake people with big noses make is choosing jewelry too small. If you have a big nose, you’ll want to pair it with a large end. Jewelry too small can make your nose appear larger. But no one cares about the size of your nose as much as you do. As long as you’re happy with your piercing and jewelry selection, that’s all that matters.

Do Nose Piercings Look Good on a Crooked Nose?

With careful placement, nostril piercings can help a crooked nose appear more straight. You’ll want to observe your nose and find which side is less conventional. For example, one of your nostrils might flare out more than the other or it may start higher than the other. This is the nostril you’ll want to pierce. The type of jewelry you’ll want to wear depends on why your nose is crooked. Many people with crooked noses find that hoops pair the best with a crooked nose. But as always, the jewelry that will make you the happiest about your nose is the jewelry you prefer.

Best Nose Piercings For Wide Noses

There’s two ways to approach the best piercings for wide noses. You can make your nose appear more narrow by having your septum pierced. For this approach, the septum piercing is best paired with a smaller, more dainty piece of jewelry at a small gauge. The other approach is to lean into your wide nose and draw attention to how beautiful it is. You can do this with larger gauged jewelry on a septum ring or even with paired nostril rings.

Do Septum Piercings Make Your Nose Look Bigger or Smaller

Septum piercings can help make your nose look bigger or smaller depending on the type of jewelry worn and how big your nose is. Small jewelry paired with a big nose can make it look smaller. Large jewelry with a large nose can make it look bigger. Large jewelry on a small nose can make it look smaller.


While piercing jewelry tricks can make your nose appear smaller, larger, wider, narrower, straighter, etc, they really only work on first impression. These tricks might help on a passing glance, but anyone who talks to you for a while will know what your true face looks like. The best thing a piercing can help you with is loving something about a part of your body you may not feel very confident about.