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Will Nipple Piercings Show Through Your Shirt?

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Nipple piercings can show through a shirt if you want them to. If you go braless, wear thin shirts, and have large ends on your jewelry, you’ll likely be able to see the nipple piercing. In general, even if you go braless, if you wear thicker shirts and have smaller ends on your jewelry, you won’t be able to see the jewelry itself. Most people say that it makes the nipple itself more visible, but the actual jewelry will be hard to see.

All of this can be summed up to say: if you want people to be able to see your nipple piercings, you can easily show them off. If you want to hide your nipple piercings, you can easily do that as well.

Can You See Nipple Piercings Under a Bra?

Whether or not you can see nipple piercings under a bra depends on a lot of things. If you’re also wearing a shirt, it’ll need to be a very thin bra and a very thin shirt to see the nipple jewelry. Bras with any padding (typically bras with underwire) are normally too thick to show a nipple piercing, even when not wearing another shirt. If you’re planning on running or going to the gym in only your sports bra, it is likely that your nipple piercing will be visible.

Can TSA See Your Nipple Piercings?

It’s a common worry to go through airport security and be pulled aside in front of friends and family, only to show off a nipple piercing. While it’s a common fear, it’s not warranted. The kind of metal used in body piercings doesn’t set off a metal detector. No matter how many piercings you have or what size gauge you wear, your piercings will not set off either a regular metal detector or a wand detector.

Even if your jewelry were to set off a detector, you could simply ask to be searched in private and then mention you have body jewelry. They will just send you on your merry way.

Do Nipple Piercings Show Up on X-Rays?

If you ever need to get a chest x-ray when you’re at the doctor with someone, you may want to request they leave the room before your doctor shows off your x-rays. Body jewelry absolutely shows up on x-rays. Typically it’s not an issue, but if you specifically need an x-ray of your lungs, your doctor may request that you remove your nipple piercings so they can get a clear look at your lungs.


If you want to show off your nipple piercings, you’ll likely need to go braless, wear thin shirts, and increase the size of your jewelry ends. You can hide your nipple piercing easily by wearing a thick bra or shirt. If you’re especially nervous about showing off your piercings, you can even cover them with a band aid. Metal detectors are very unlikely to go off for your piercings, so you can go to the airport without worry. X-Rays, however, will show off the entirety of a body piercing, so you may want to view them with your doctor in private.