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Do Ankle Tattoos Fade Fast? What You Should Know

do ankle tattoos fade fast

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Foot tattoos on all areas of the foot are known for fading fast. Foot tattoos fade quickly because they’re constantly rubbing against socks and shoes and they get sweaty easily. Ankle tattoos especially fade quickly because they’re on a joint that moves frequently. Just like tattoos on knees and elbows aren’t recommended because that area of the body is constantly moving and rubbing, your ankle is the same way. To minimize fading of an ankle tattoo, you’ll need to make sure it’s constantly well moisturized and you wear open toed shoes that don’t rub against the tattoo as often as possible.

How Long Does It Take a Tattoo To Heal on an Ankle?

Ankle tattoos don’t usually take any longer than any other regular tattoo to heal. That’s usually just 2-3 months for the initial healing period and up to 6 months to fully heal. Ankle tattoos can be more difficult to take care of during the healing period because you’ll need to avoid excessive sweating as well as socks and shoes that cover the tattoo. Foot tattoos are slightly more likely to become infected than other tattoos, so make sure you take proper care of it.

Do Ankle Tattoos Hurt?

All foot tattoos are known for being more on the painful side. This is because foot tattoos are either right on the bone or on a more fleshy area, both of which are painful to have tattooed. Ankle tattoos are on bone, which is one of the more painful areas.

Do Inner Ankle Tattoos Fade Quickly?

Just like any foot tattoo and ankle tattoos specifically, inner ankle tattoos also fade quickly. An inner ankle tattoo is still on a joint and experiences constant movement which causes it to fade quickly. Inner ankles are also frequently covered with socks and shoes, which contributes to the tattoo fading.

Do Wrap Around Ankle Tattoos Hold Up?

A wrap around ankle tattoo is a tattoo that goes completely around the ankle and looks similar to an anklet. Most of them are actually placed above the ankle and really wrap around the bottom of the leg. These tend to hold up better than tattoos placed on the ankle or inner ankle. They aren’t placed on a joint that experiences a lot of movement and they’re usually high enough that socks and shoes don’t cover them. If you’re interested in a wrap around ankle tattoo, make sure your artist places it high enough to avoid fast fading.


Ankle tattoos fade quickly because they’re placed in an area that’s nearly constantly moving. They’re also located on the foot, which fades quickly because it sweats frequently and tattoos there rub against socks and shoes. To make ankle tattoos last longer, make sure to keep it properly moisturized and avoid shoes that cover the tattoo. Inner ankle tattoos fade just as fast as outer ankle tattoos. Wrap around ankle tattoos are usually placed high enough that they don’t experience the fast fading that other foot tattoos get.