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Is it Safe to Use Aspercreme for Tattoos?

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Aspercreme is completely safe to use before, during, and after getting tattooed. Before applying anything before a tattoo, you should make sure your artist is okay with it. Most artists will be fine if you apply lidocaine before getting tattooed, but you should always check. If they don’t like tattooing on numbed skin, you run the risk of them pushing back your appointment or cancelling it completely. Your artist may actually keep their preferred numbing cream at the studio. Some artists will only allow you to use cream they keep in the studio – so just make sure you ask first!

Is Aspercreme Good For Tattoos?

Aspercreme isn’t “good” for tattoos in the fact that it helps the healing process or anything. But Aspercreme (with lidocaine) can help with the pain. It won’t damage your tattoo or delay the healing process, so feel free to use it! However, some people find that lidocaine ointments can irritate the skin, so always test it on a small sample before using it for your tattoo. If you’re afraid of the pain of a tattoo, feel free to use Aspercreme guilt free with the knowledge that it won’t hurt your tattoo at all.

Can You Use Topical Anesthetic Before Getting Tattooed?

Always ask your artist before using any topical anesthetic. While most artists consider them safe, others will completely refuse to tattoo you if your skin has had a numbing cream applied. If being able to apply a topical anesthetic before getting tattooed is important to you, you should bring it up in your consultation and find an artist that will work with you. The effectiveness of topical anesthetics applied before a tattoo vary from person to person and your artist may have a recommendation for a brand they’ve seen work best.

Can You Use Lidocaine Spray For Tattoos?

Lidocaine is completely safe for tattoos. Many people say lidocaine spray works even better than the cream. Lidocaine spray works best when the skin has already been broken. So the best way to use it is to have your outline completed and then take a break to use the lidocaine spray. Just like topical anesthetics, you will need to ask your artist if they are okay with you using the spray.

Does Lidocaine Ruin Tattoos?

As long as you don’t have any sensitivities to lidocaine, it will not ruin your tattoo. Some people do experience sensitivity to lidocaine, which is still unlikely to affect your tattoo, but it will make it more itchy which can make the healing process more difficult. But as long as you don’t experience any adverse affects from lidocaine, it will not affect your tattoo’s ink or its healing process.


Aspercreme is completely safe to use at any step in the tattooing process. During your consultation, you should ask your artist if they are okay with you using anesthetic. They may not tattoo you if you apply an anesthetic or they may have a specific one in house that they want you to use. Using lidocaine is also completely safe and will not affect either your tattoo or the healing process. Before using any products, test them on a small piece of skin to make sure you don’t experience any sensitivity.