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Types of Piercings

double helix piercing

Double Helix Piercing: Pain, Healing, and More

A double helix piercing is actually two helix piercings that are typically performed at the same time. Like a constellation piercing, double helix piercings are individual piercings designed to look good together. They are typically worn with two separate pieces of jewelry but some people have custom jewelry made that intertwines both piercings. A double helix done on the forward helix are called double forward… Read More »Double Helix Piercing: Pain, Healing, and More

hch piercing reviews

HCH Piercing Reviews and Testimonies

HCH (or horizontal clitoral hood) piercings are one of the more common female genital piercings. While they may not be functional, they sure are stylish! What is a HCH Piercing? HCH is an abbreviation for horizontal clitoral hood. It’s considered the sister piercing to the VCH (vertical clitoral hood). HCHs can be very eye catching because it brings a horizontal element to an otherwise very… Read More »HCH Piercing Reviews and Testimonies

woman wearing brown long sleeved shirt holding round glass terrarium

Everything You Need to Know About Elf Ears Body Modifications

When it comes to body modifications, elf ears are some of the more popular while simultaneously being some of the more extreme. To achieve this pointed ear look, a body modification artist actually uses a scalpel to cut out part of the cartilage in your ear and stitches it back up. Understandably, this is generally a very painful procedure with a very long and painful… Read More »Everything You Need to Know About Elf Ears Body Modifications

ripe tangerines with golden earrings against blue background

Genital Piercings for Trans People: 101

Piercings are known to increase self confidence. Just like someone who feels self conscious about their nose might get a nostril piercing, some trans people seek out genital piercings to help with body dysmorphia. Or, just like someone who likes nipple piercings might get a nipple piercing, trans people might get genital piercings. For whatever the reason, genital piercings are cool and here’s what you… Read More »Genital Piercings for Trans People: 101

triangle piercing

My Experience Getting a Triangle Piercing

When I decided I wanted to get a triangle piercing, I was understandably nervous. I wanted to read about other women who had gotten the piercing before, but unfortunately it’s a pretty rare piercing and women don’t seem to want to talk about their genitals! So I decided to share everything I learned about triangle piercings and my full experience. What is a Triangle Piercing?… Read More »My Experience Getting a Triangle Piercing