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A Guide To Female Genital Piercings

female genital piercing

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Genital piercings are some of the few piercings that actually serve a function! Whether you want to feel more sensations in the bedroom, feel more confident about the way you look down there, or just shock a lover, genital piercings are the way to go. There are many different types of female genital piercings and they can all be combined into truly unique sets. In this article we will review the different types of female genital piercings.

Please note we did our best to mimic female anatomy with a melon to provide a general idea of what the piercing is at a glance.

VCH (Vertical Clitoral Hood)

VCHs are the most popular female genital piercing. Because of their location, the bar constantly rubs against the clit so it provides constant stimulation. Combine that with the fact that the piercing only needs to go through a thin layer of tissue so it is one of the least painful genital piercings, and there’s no need to give any further explanation on why this piercing is so popular. VCHs are worn with curved barbells and work best with extra large ends, as the piercing naturally gauges itself over time.


While a picture of a triangle might look the same as a HCH piercing, the triangle is actually pierced deeper and goes underneath the clitoris. Triangle piercings are also stimulating. By pulling a triangle piercing up and away from the body, it pushes against the clitoris from behind and therefore stimulates it in a way that can not be stimulated any other way. Unfortunately triangles are very anatomy dependent and most women cannot support a triangle. Triangles are most commonly worn with curved barbells so they can be tucked in, however rings can be worn as well. Because the piercing process goes deep and through a fair bit of sensitive tissue, triangles are one of the more painful female gential piercings.

Princess Diana

Princess Dianas are exactly like VCHs except they are done slightly off to the side. They are typically done in pairs. This allows the clitoris to be stimulated from either side instead of directly on top. Just like the VCH, Princess Dianas are worn with curved barbells. These are a common pick for women whose VCHs were placed in the wrong location or to complement an asymmetrical anatomy.

Princess Albertina

This is the female version of a Prince Albert. This piercing is hard to create an image for because so little of the piercing is actually visible. Princess Albertinas are worn with rings that go in through the urethra and exits from the vagina. Like any piercing through the urethra, this is one of the most painful piercings women can get. Princess Albertinas do provide urethral stimulation, so if you enjoy stimulating the urethra, this may be an interesting piercing for you.

Outer Labia Piercing

Outer labia piercings are some of the more common female genital piercings. They can be worn with curved barbells or rings. Because of how thick this tissue is, these are painful piercings and they take the longest to heal out of all genital piercings. Many women who get outer labia piercings get multiple sets. They provide no stimulation, however they can be threaded together, similar to a corset piercing, to restrict access to the area. So there is some fun to be had with these piercings.

Inner Labia Piercing

female genital piercing

Inner labia piercings are the same as outer, except of course they are smaller. Because they go through a thinner piece of tissue, the jewelry worn in inner labia piercings can be a smaller gauge and they take less time to heal.

HCH (Horizonal Clitoral Hood)

Right after the VCH, HCHs are the second most common female genital piercing. HCHs go through the clitoral hood and can be worn with a curved barbell or a ring. The pain and healing time is on the same level as the VCH, so they are a great beginner genital piercing. Stimulation on this piercing is dependent upon anatomy.

Fourchette Piercing

A fourchette piercing is a ring that goes from where the inner labia meet to through the vaginal opening. This is another piercing that is largely anatomy dependent. In order to be able to support this piercing, you must have a “pinchable” layer of tissue in this area. Fourchette piercings heal quickly although, as you can imagine, any piercing that actually goes through your vagina is going to hurt to have done. This piercing is stimulating during any vaginal penetration.

Clitoris Piercing

Clitoris piercings are extremely rare. In most cases when people talk about having clitoris piercings they are referring to Triangles or VCHs. This is in part due to the anatomy restrictions – most clitorises are much too small to support a piercing. This is also the most painful piercing that a woman can get. On the other hand, clitoris piercings are also the most stimulating piercings. They can be worn with curved barbells and rings.

Christina Piercing

While not technically a genital piercing, Christinas are around the same area so we chose to include them here. These are vertical surface piercings that go on the public mound. Christina piercings are not stimulating.


In this article we provided a brief explanation of the female genital piercings, their locations, the jewelry that can be worn in them, and whether they can be useful in stimulation. You should keep in mind that all genital piercings are anatomy dependent and they can be easily customized to fit your build. With some of these piercings being extremely rare, it is very important to book your piercing with a piercer who has experience with your specific piercing to avoid a terrible error.