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Best Places to Buy High Quality Septum Jewelry Online

buy high quality septum jewelry

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If you just got your septum pierced, you may be looking for trustworthy sites to buy new jewelry and keep your look updated. Unfortunately it can be difficult to distinguish between a safe shop that understands body jewelry vs one trying to make a quick buck. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 best places to buy high quality septum jewelry online.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Purchasing

When evaluating whether a site is going to sell quality body jewelry, there are a few things to keep in mind. When buying jewelry, especially for a piercing that is still healing, you should buy a safe material: titanium, niobium, gold, platinum, or glass. A trustworthy site will make it easy for you both to find safe material and tell what your jewelry is made of. Be careful of any site that lists “plated” jewelry, as the plating is likely to wear off quickly and you don’t know what the actual piece is made of.

You should also keep an eye out for externally threaded jewelry. External threading can rip and tear at your tissue, which causes irritation and can prolong the healing process. A safe store will make it obvious what kind of threading is on your jewelry and will offer internally threaded or threadless options.

1. From Your APP Certified Piercer

For some reason everyone always hates this recommendation, but its the best one. If your piercer is APP certified, they carry the safest and highest quality body jewelry. If they don’t carry or have it in stock, they will be able to order it for you. More and more piercers are starting websites and even have online stores, so it’s worth asking or looking up. Some piercers will even take orders over email if you just send them a picture of what you want and they have your measurements saved. The bonus with buying jewelry from your piercer is they will install it for you for free!

2. is great for a number of reasons. Being obsessed with high quality and safe jewelry ourselves, our particular favorite aspect is their filtering options. They allow you to shop by material, where they include titanium and 14k gold, both completely safe materials for healing piercings. They also have free shipping on orders over $25 and we have always received orders from them within a week of placing the order. Like every good quality site, they allow returns on unopened items.

3. Oufer

Stealing number 3 on our list, Oufer is simply a beautiful shop. They have so much jewelry! Oufer allows you to add multiple filters at a time to quickly find exactly what you’re looking for. They also have free shipping for orders over $20 in the United States and the delivery is within 5 business days. Oufer also offers full refunds within 60 days of purchasing if you are not satisfied with your jewelry.

4. Body Art Forms

Body Art Forms is like the Amazon for body jewelry. The site is full of any kind of jewelry you can imagine in various materials, with any kind of threading and size. There’s obviously pros and cons to this. One one hand, you can find any jewelry you want. On the other, it is full of unsafe jewelry. Luckily, Body Art Forms has more filters than you’ll ever need, so it’s easy to filter for just the safe jewelry, as long as you know what that is.

The reason we’ve included this link instead of actual Amazon is because Amazon doesn’t require its sellers to verify what their jewelry is made of. Amazon considers all body jewelry to be “fashion jewelry” instead of “fine jewelry”. Because of this slight difference in categorization, Amazon doesn’t care what the jewelry is made of and they allow their individual sellers to lie about it. Until you get a reaction, you could order jewelry from Amazon and never be sure what it was made of.

5. Etsy

Etsy is the riskiest of our suggestion. However we’ve included it because you can find incredibly unique styles from master crafters. Etsy is best for glass or alternative materials rather than metal, but you can find the occasional seller who can make safe metal jewelry. You should be careful with sellers from Etsy and check out any reviews you can find and check out any recommended shops.


It can be hard to find reliable shops to buy high quality septum jewelry. If none of the sites we recommend end up working for you, be sure to look for other reliable sites. A shop that sells high quality body jewelry will be upfront and make it very obvious what material the jewelry is made of as well as what kind of threading it has. While it is common to not accept returns due to the unsanitary nature of body jewelry, a safe shop will allow for returns if the packaging is still sealed.