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Can You Get a Vertical Labret With Small Lips?

a young woman with a nose ring and lip piercing

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Unfortunately, the vertical labret is an anatomy dependent piercing. If your lips are extremely thin, you won’t have enough tissue to safely support a piercing. However, most people that think their lips are thin have no problems supporting the piercing. Your piercer will be able to examine you and let you know if you’ll be able to get the piercing or not. If you can’t get a vertical labret, you’ll likely still be able to get a regular labret, which has the piercing go through the under side of your lip. You’ll only be missing the top ball of the look you want.

Does a Vertical Labret Make Your Lips Look Bigger?

For some people, a vertical labret can help make the lip look bigger. The jewelry on a vertical labret causes some people to change the way they position their lips. They will push the bottom lip out slightly, which makes the lips appear fuller. This will provide a natural “pouty” look. The jewelry itself also draws more attention to the bottom lip, which can make it appear more full.

Best Lip Piercings For Thin Lips

Attempting to get a piercing to make your lips look more full is a double edged sword. If your lips aren’t too small, several peircings can make them look bigger. However, if your lips are very thin, the piercings will only draw attention to your lips, without making them appear much larger. If you’re set on trying a piercing to make your lips look more full, here are a few suggestions:

  • Dahlias
  • Vertical Labret
  • Labret
  • Ashley

How To Deal With Dry Lips With a Vertical Labret

Getting your lips pierced will cause them to dry up. This is especially true with the vertical labret, which actually goes through the lip itself. Unfortunately, it’s not safe to apply your regular chap stick. Something organic such as pure coconut oil to place on your lip (but NOT your piercing) can help. That way, if a tiny bit gets into your piercing, it won’t be too dangerous. If you must use a Chapstick, pick one that is unflavored and unscented. Be careful to only apply to your lip and give your piercing plenty of space until the piercing is fully healed. If your piercing develops an irritation bump, stop use of all products.

Is it Hard to Kiss With a Vertical Labret?

While your vertical labret is healing, you should avoid kissing. Not only can this introduce someone else’s saliva, which can give you an infection, but it could cause an irritation bump. Irritation bumps can be caused by the jewelry in the piercing moving around. Kissing someone will intentionally bump your jewelry, which should be avoided at all costs.

After your piercing is fully healed, kissing likely won’t feel much different to you. Your partner will notice most of the change, which will obviously be that there is metal in your lip now. Kissing will not be more difficult because of it.


Unless your lips are extremely thin, you can likely support a vertical labret piercing. Vertical labrets can make your lips appear larger, but they also may bring attention to the fact that you have thinner lips. If you want to try a piercing that could make your lips appear more full, you can try dahlias, a vertical labret, a labret, or an ashley.