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Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Piercings

bridge piercing

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Everything You Need to Know About Bridge Piercings

Bridge piercings are piercings that go along the top (bridge) of your nose. As long as you don’t wear glasses, a bridge piercing can be a very unique style that sets you apart. In this article we will go through the piercing process for a bridge, how long it takes to heal, and what kind of jewelry can be worn in it.

What Kind of Jewelry Can You Wear in a Bridge Piercing

The type of jewelry you can wear in a bridge piercing is a barbell. Barbells are basically posts with interchangeable ends. A barbell could be made up of any type of ends including balls, discs, and spikes.

Bridge Piercing Process

Although they may look like incredibly painful piercings, bridge piercings actually are not reported as very painful piercings. For most people, the worst part of the piercing process is the clamps which are used to pull the skin from your nose before piercing to ensure a straight piercing. Bridge piercees also report discomfort in the days following the piercing because the swelling that occurs between the eyes can feel somewhat unusual. Piercing a bridge follows basically the same procedure as all other piercings.

Post-Piercing Care

The main problem with bridge piercings is you should not wear any glasses during the healing process. You should also avoid makeup around the piercing, including any around the eyebrows. You should practice LITHA for your piercing while healing. After the initial swelling goes down, you will need to re-visit your piercer to downsize so the jewelry isn’t bumped around. Always wear implant grade titanium jewelry to speed up the healing process and keep your piercing healthy.


Bridge piercings are some of the more uncommon piercings and if you decide to go through with this piercing, you’ll have a truly unique look! Make sure to practice LITHA while healing and visit your piercer to get downsized and you will have a uniquely beautiful piercing for the rest of your life.