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HCH Piercing Reviews and Testimonies

hch piercing reviews

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HCH (or horizontal clitoral hood) piercings are one of the more common female genital piercings. While they may not be functional, they sure are stylish!

What is a HCH Piercing?

HCH is an abbreviation for horizontal clitoral hood. It’s considered the sister piercing to the VCH (vertical clitoral hood). HCHs can be very eye catching because it brings a horizontal element to an otherwise very vertical area. If you’re interested in a piercing that will draw attention to your favorite spot, look no further. Add in that the HCH is generally one of the most painless female genital piercings and there’s no wonder why the HCH is so popular.

What Jewelry Do You Wear in a HCH Piercing?

HCH piercings need to be worn with circular jewelry. Some people prefer circular barbells (horseshoes) while others prefer rings. If you go with a ring you’ll need to keep in mind that it will always protrude slightly outwards. Some people go with the horseshoe because most anatomy will allow you to “tuck” your jewelry away so it’s not constantly in the way. But that’s mostly only a concern when wiping anyway.

How Long Does a HCH Piercing Take to Heal?

Like most genital piercings, HCHs heal surprisingly fast. Because you have so much blood flow to the area, your body heals piercings (and other injuries) very quickly. A HCH piercing should be fully healed in 6-8 weeks. During this time do not share any bodily fluids that could touch your piercing! This means all intercourse should be performed with a condom (if you must engage) and no receiving oral. Also, with all piercings, make sure your partner does not touch your piercing until the healing period is over. Be generally careful while wiping and generously spray your piercing with sea salt water.

HCH Piercing Benefits

Unfortunately, HCHs are not one of the genital piercings that generally provides additional functionality. Based on your anatomy, it’s possible that the HCH could be used functionally but most women don’t experience any additional sensations. But the HCH can be very attractive and can help you feel more confident. If you are looking for a piercing that is more likely to increase your sensitivities or add sensations, look into a triangle or VCH.

HCH vs VCH Piercing

While they both pierce the clitoral hood, an HCH and a VCH are very different. For starters, the VCH goes through the hood vertically while the HCH is horizontal. VCHs also aren’t as circular so they can only be worn with a curved barbell. Generally, the HCH is considered non-functional while the VCH is functional because the jewelry post will rub right against the clitoris.


HCH (or horizontal clitoral hood) piercings are one of the most popular female genital piercings due to their eye catching nature. HCHs can support either a circular barbell or a ring. With a circular barbell, you’ll likely be able to tuck your jewelry up and out of the way. The HCH takes 6-8 weeks to heal and during this time you’ll not be able to swap any bodily fluids. However if you’re looking for a functional piercing, you should consider either a triangle or a VCH.