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The Floating Navel Piercing: Healing, VS and More

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Are you looking for a faux navel piercing because you don’t have the anatomy to support a regular one? You’re in luck! The floating navel piercing can be supported by most bodies. This piercing is also a beautifully unique look that many even prefer to the regular navel piercing.

What is a Floating Navel Piercing?

While a regular navel piercing has both ends visible and can be swapped out, a floating piercing has a flat disc on the inside of the bellybutton. It gets its name “floating” from the appearance. Because the bottom end is often not visible, the piercing looks like it’s floating above the navel. As opposed to a single ball being the top end, the faux navel piercing typically supports a larger, more flashy end.

Floating Navel Piercing VS Regular Navel Piercing

While a floating piercing basically looks like an upside down belly button piercing, there are more differences. If, when you bend over, your belly button folds, you don’t have the anatomy to support a navel piercing. However, you may still be able to support a floating piercing. The piercing process, pain, healing, and jewelry is all mostly the same between the two piercings.

Floating Navel Piercing for Plus Sizes

The best thing about floating piercings is they are a great option for people who wear plus sizes. While your belly button may fold on itself for any reason, it is often an issue for people of plus size. The floating piercing is a great option for those of us with larger tummies or are concerned about potential weight gain not being able to support a traditional navel piercing.

Healing a Floating Navel Piercing

While navel piercings aren’t notoriously difficult to heal, a floating piercing is even easier. You will be less likely to snag your jewelry and therefore less likely to cause healing issues. But you still need to keep in mind everything you need to do to heal a belly button piercing. You won’t be able to swim for a year and you should keep in mind not to wear high waisted pants that might snag.

What Kind of Jewelry is Worn in a Floating Navel Piercing?

You wear the same type of jewelry in a floating navel piercing that you do in a regular navel piercing. The exception is with the bottom end, which will remain a flat disk. You can wear any end in the top end, even a traditional dangle one. One of the most common ends worn in floating navel piercings is a curved cluster end, because it highlights the curvature of the navel.


If you have your heart set on a navel piercing but you don’t have the anatomy to support one, the floating navel piercing is a great alternative. You will need to wear slightly different jewelry, but the overall look stays mostly the same. Not everyone has the anatomy to support a floating piercing, but you are more likely to be able to support one than not.