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Transverse Lobe Piercings: Jewelry, Healing, and More

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If you don’t want a painful or difficult to heal piercing, but want something that looks different, the transverse lobe is a great option! This is a very unique piercing type that actually looks different whether you have attached or detached lobes. So if you have attached earlobes and are constantly looking for a cute way to show them off, this piercing is made for you.

What is a Transverse Lobe Piercing

A transverse lobe piercing is a type of piercing that goes through your lobe. But while a traditional lobe piercing would go from the front to the back, a transverse lobe goes through the sides of your ear lobe. This means that both ends of your jewelry are always visible, as opposed to the regular lobe where you can only see one end. You can pair a transverse lobe with a (or multiple) traditional lobe piercing, so you don’t have to pick! You’ll just need to plan out your lobe’s future with your piercer so all of your piercings can be placed to fit.

Transverse Lobe Procedure and Pain

Being a type of lobe piercing (one of the least painful piercing types), transverse lobes are relatively painless. On the pain scale, most people would rate it around a 3-4. Most piercers will freehand this piercing, but may use a clamp to prevent any movement.

How to Heal a Transverse Lobe Piercing

Because it isn’t cartilage, a transverse lobe piercing is typically pretty easy to heal. You’ll experience less irritation bumps than you might on a different part of the ear. However, because the piercing itself is much longer than a traditional lobe piercing, it does generally take longer to heal. Your piercing may find itself fully healed after as little as two months, or it could take closer to six months. All bodies heal at different speeds.

What Kind of Jewelry Can Be Worn in a Transverse Lobe?

The kind of jewelry worn in a transverse lobe depends on your anatomy. If your earlobes are detached, your piercer will likely set you up with a straight barbell. However, if your earlobes are attached, you won’t be able to support a straight barbell and your piercer will need to use a curved barbell. No matter the type of barbell, your ends (which are the visible part after all) will be the same type and you can swap them out however you wish.


Transverse lobe piercings are a truly unique style for any individual. You’ll likely be able to support one no matter your anatomy. You can even pair a transverse lobe with multiple traditional lobe piercings for a gorgeously stacked look. While the pain will be minimal, expect a longer healing time do to the length of the piercing. Treat this healing piercing the same you would any other, by practicing LITHA and keeping your hands away from it! You can expect to pay between $30-50 for a transverse piercing, depending on the piercer. You may need to bring some extra cash to cover the initial jewelry as well as a tip!