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What Piercings Does Pain From Naruto Have?

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Pain (or Pein) from Naruto is adorned in several piercings. You may be surprised to find that most of his piercings are actual piercing types that are somewhat common. Throughout this article we will discuss each of Pain’s piercings and investigate if it is an existing piercing type or what it is most similar to.

How Many Piercings Does Pain Have?

Pain has so many piercings that it’s somewhat unclear. The piercings in his ears for example, seem to change from scene to scene. Not to mention once you get a look at his body, he has several and you can only estimate how many more he has. However we can be certain of his facial piercings: he has three on his nose, two on his lip, a bar that goes through each ear and at least six on the sides of either ear.

Pain’s Nose Piercings

Pain’s nose piercings are the hardest of all of his piercings to equate to a real life piercing type. The top most set is definitely a standard bridge piercing. While the lowest set are simply a set of high nostrils or it could even be a nasallang if you want to get fancy. However there is no type of piercing that would go through the middle of your nose the way his middle piercing does. Your closest best to copy the look would likely be a bridge piercing paired with double nostrils and double high nostrils. The jewelry would look best with a large mm ball or better yet, cube, with red o-rings surrounding it.

Pain’s Ear Piercings

All of Pain’s ear piercings are actual piercing types and you would be able to recreate his look perfectly. All of his outer ear piercings are helixes. The lowest one may be considered an upper lobe, but it’s likely that they are all helixes. The bar that goes through his ear is a vertical industrial. Vertical industrials are rare, but they are becoming more common and it’s very likely you have a piercer nearby who could perform one for you. The helixes all appear to be standard rings while the industrial bar is a simple bar with unique ends.

Pain’s Lip Piercings

Pain’s lip piercings are the most simple: they’re snake bites. The jewelry he wears in them is what is most unusual because a regular spike end would point away from your body instead of directly down, but you could likely find someone to custom make some jewelry similar to his.

Pain’s Dermals

The rest of Pain’s piercings across his body consist of dermals and surface bars. Dermals and surface bars can really go almost anywhere on your body. You would need to speak with your piercer to discuss exact placement and what type of jewelry would look best while also not increasing chances of migration.


While it can be fun to discuss real world ways to simulate a fictional character, the dedication to complete this entire look would be something else. To put it in perspective, you can have only 4 piercings healing at a given time. Cartilage piercings take a year to fully heal. Most piercings cost around $25-50 depending on your jewelry type and tip. So emulating Pain’s ears alone would take 4 years and $350 – $700.